please try not to send hateful confessions or just hate in general to me. this place started as a positive environment for everyone and i want to keep it that way, even if it's just on my blog. the rest of my description is behind my sidebar, just hover over it! and don't forget to send some requests! i do basically everything, my WID list is also under my sidebar and my about me. if you're interested in becoming a co-owner just contact me here and we'll discuss it more on my anon blog which i'll link to you. anyway, feel free to ask any questions or send requests. i don't mind as long as they're something got to do with what i do and it isn't hurtful, like i said. i might be on semi-hiatus but i try to get to all of my requests so if i miss out on yours just send it again but also remember to be patient because i do get quite a lot of them! thank you and enjoy the blog's content!

welcome to anonsources! i'm zayn malik and i really just like to help and photoshop stuff(?) i do basically anything from sidebar graphics to posting free movie links. all you have to do is request which is pretty easy, am i right? i'm currently looking for co-owners so if you're interested, just send me an ask!

sidebars, icons, gif hunts, confessions, post free movie links, help pick your anon mascot, playlists, tutorials, fave celebs, overused/underused celebs, advice, tips, masterlists of anything really and some cool stuff like hair/makeup tutorials (not made by me). For free Photoshop download links please come off anon!

Selena Gomez Downloadable Gif Hunts:


Selena Gomez GIF Hunts:

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